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From the Point of the Protection of Minority Languages: the Future of the Circassian Language
An Abkhaz Miscellany (with an Old Georgian Excursion)
Indigenous Languages of the Caucasus (Vols 1 and 2)
A Glimpse into the Abkhazians’ Worldview
Are Verbs Always What They Seem To Be?
Non-finite Verbal Functions in Abkhaz (North West Caucasian)
Language-planning for North Caucasian Languages in Turkey
Conditional and Other Functions of Forms in /(-zA(.))r/ in Abkhaz
Similarities and Differences: some verbal contrasts between Georgian and Mingrelian
Cases, arguments, verbs in Abkhaz, Georgian and Mingrelian
Abkhaz Comparatives
Abkhaz, 2nd edition of Elsevier Encyclopædia of Language & Linguistics
Georgia, 2nd edition of Elsevier Encyclopædia of Language & Linguistics
Georgian, 2nd edition of Elsevier Encyclopædia of Language & Linguistics
Caucasian Languages
The syntax of complementation in Abkhaz
Towards a comparative syntax of the Kartvelian languages
North West Caucasian
Nekotorye soobrazhenija o jazykax, orfografii i literature [Some thoughts on languages, orthography and literature]
An Exercise in Abkhaz Comparative Dialectology: in the steps of N. Ja. Marr
Convergence in language-change: morpho-syntactic patterns in Mingrelian (& Laz)
Morphology revisited: some irregularities of the Abkhaz verb
State and Language
A universal script for Circassian
Introduction & Languages
Georgia: the language-situation
Morphologically-sensitive phonological rules in the Svan verbal complex
The Languages of the Caucasus: Scope for Study and Survival
Roman-based alphabets as a life-line for endangered languages
An Upper Bal (Svan) Text: Pägo and Tantxe:ri:l
Kartvelian preverbs, included as Appendix
A suggestion for Latinising the Abkhaz alphabet (based on Monika Höhlig's Adighe Alfabet)
A contribution to the lexicography of Abkhaz, in S. Özsoy (ed.)
Caucasian Languages, in Glanville Price (ed.)
Translation of Vazha-Pshavela's 'The Jays' Wedding'
Georgia: the language-situation
Yet a third consideration of Völker, Sprachen und Kulturen des südlichen Kaukasus
Why do we need a new grammar of Mingrelian?
Another case of the influence of Abkhaz on Mingrelian syntax?
Greenberg's Universals
Georgian and Kartvelian
The Valid and Non-valid Application of Etymology/Philology to History
Georgian: Ergative, Active, or What?
Language and Nationalism in Georgia, and the West's Response
Languages in contact in N W Georgia: Fact or Fiction?
On the etymology of Bich'vinta (Pitsunda)
Languages in Contact: a Transcaucasian example
Aspects of Language Planning in Georgia
Caucasian Languages
Georgian - Ergative or Active?
Unexpected subject-marking in Kartvelian
'The Mirror' (= sark'(e)) in Mingrelian
Lexicography of the Caucasian Languages II: Northwest Caucasian Languages
Lexicography of the Caucasian Languages I: Georgian and Kartvelian
Parataxe rückbetrachtet (ueber den Kaukasus)
Contribution to Comparative North West Caucasian Studies
The labialised sibilants of Ubykh (North West Caucasian)
Notes on the Georgian relative clause
Abkhaz and Introduction
Contribution to Comparative North West Caucasian Studies, 1
Speech-reporting in the Caucasus
Parataxis revisited (via the Caucasus)
Another look at the Geo. speech-particle '-tko//-tkva'
A Svan (Lashx) text, II
Die Markierung des direkten Objektes des altgeorgischen 'Infinitivs'
A Svan (Lashx) text, I
From direct to indirect speech: a South Caucasian anomaly
Anti-passive' and 'Labile' constructions in North Caucasian
Another Look at the Georgian Speech-particle '-tko// -tkva'
A Case of Syntactic Confusion in Abkhaz
The Kinship-terminology of Georgian, Mingrelian and Abkhaz
Notes on the Mingrelian Relative
Chapters on Armenian (jointly with Prof B. S. Comrie)
The Daghestanian Causative: Variations on a Theme
The Relative Clause in Adyghe (Temirgoi Dialect)
Aspects of Verbal Affixation in Abkhaz (Abzhui Dialect)
The Relative Clause in Abkhaz (Abzhui Dialect)
The expression of 'inferentiality' in Abkhaz
The Armenian Relative Clause

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