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Colonel Robert Hamilton on Abkhazia (again): A Reply (again) from George Hewitt
Abbreviated Version of Abkhazian Conflict: Nine Questions and answers
Georgia: Contemporary Life & Politics
He who is active wins or Don't imagine propaganda to have been invented by communists
The Art (or Politics?) of Reviewing
Abkhazia in the light of the recent (22 February 2012) attempted assassination of President Aleksandr Ankvab
Abkhazia: from conflict to statehood
Democracy in Abkhazia: a testing year
Abkhazia: presidential election, political future
Obituary for Sergej Bagapsh
The Abkhazians and their Neighbours
Abkhazia: two years of independence
Some thoughts on Ronald D. Asmus 'A Little War that Shook the World. Georgia, Russia and the Future of the West'
Obituary for Vladislav Ardzinba
Vladislav Ardzinba
Abkhazia Three Years After Recognition
Georgia's fine, lofty, useless strategy
'Occupied' or 'Liberated' Territories? The Smoke and Mirrors of Caucasian Semantics
The Canute Syndrome
Abkhazia, Georgia, and history: a response
Abkhazia and South Ossetia: a year on
South Ossetia and Georgia’s aggressive state-integrationism
A Reply to Svante Cornell’s Daily Telegraph Article (16 June 2009)
The Transcaucasian conflicts of August 2008: roots and lessons
Georgian Apologists (at home and abroad)
Georgia's Trilogy of Tragedies (1. Zviad Gamsakhurdia, 2. Eduard Shevardnadze, 3. Mikheil Saak'ashvili Or A Reply to David L. Phillips (pt.2)
Abkhazia and Georgia: time for reassessment
Georgia: a danger to itself and Transcaucasian stability
Why independence for Abkhazia is the best solution
Some Thoughts on 'Abkhazia is not Kosovo' by David L. Phillips (Transitions Online, 7 Feb 2008)
Abkhazia, in Fitzroy Dearbon's Encyclopaedia on Censorship
Entries on Abkhazians (vol. I A-D, 1-2), Mingrelians (vol. III, M-R, 944-5), Svans (vol. IV, S-Z, 1504-5), Ajars (vol. I, A-D)
Abkhazia: Recent Developments
Abkhazian Conflict: Nine Questions and answers
'Abkhazia, Georgia and the Circassians (NW Caucasus)'
Comments on ‘Georgia: a report’ by International Alert - January 1993
Obstacles To Economic Progress In Georgia And How To Overcome Them
The role of scholars in the Abkhazians' loss of trust in the Georgians and how to remedy the situation
An Open Letter to the Georgian People (1989)
Post-war Developments in the Georgian-Abkhazian Dispute
Appendix to Documents from the KGB archive in Sukhum. Abkhazia in the Stalin years
Male Dress in the Caucasus (with special reference to Abkhazia and Georgia)
Abkhazians (with Elisa Watson)
Guests on their own territory
Supplementary Notes to Swetlana Tscherwonnaja's Blumen den Siegern, Blumen mit Blut
sibrjne sicruisa -- A reply to Paul Henze's views on Georgia
Reply to Prof. R. Pipes' "The Caucasus: A New Middle Eastern Tinderbox?"
Abkhazia: a problem of identity and ownership

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