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Review: The making of modern Georgia, 1918–2012: the first Georgian republic and its successors
Review of Donald Rayfield, 'Edge of Empires. A History of Georgia' & Corrigenda to Stephen Jones’ 'Georgia. A Political History Since Independence'
Corrigenda to G. Hewitt’s Abkhaz. A Comprehensive Self-Tutor
Corrigenda and Suggestions for 'Rewriting Caucasian History' by Robert Thomson
Review of BRUNO COPPIETERS, DAVID DARCHIASHVILI, NATELLA AKABA (eds.) 'Federal Practice, exploring alternatives for Georgia and Abkhazia'
Review of Paul B. Rich (ed.) Crisis in the Caucasus: Russia, Georgia and the West
Review of FRANÇOISE COMPANJEN, LÁSZLÓ MARÁCZ, LIA VERSTEEGH (eds.) Exploring the Caucasus in the 21st Century
Review of TOM TRIER, HEDGIV LOHM, DAVID SZAKONYI: Under Siege. Inter-Ethnic Relations in Abkhazia
Review of Ronald D. Asmus 'A Little War that Shook the World. Georgia, Russia and the Future of the West'
Review of Jonathan Wheatley 'Georgia from National Awakening to Rose Revolution'
Review of Charles King's 'The Ghost of Freedom: a history of the Caucasus'
Review of Tim Potier: Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. A legal appraisal
Review of Moshe Gammer Ethno-Nationalism, Islam and the State in the Caucasus: Post-Soviet Disorder
Review of Christoph H. Stefes Understanding Post-Soviet Transitions: Corruption, Collusion and Clientelism
Review of Moshe Gammer & David J. Wasserstein Daghestan and the World of Islam
Review of Moshe Gammer 'The Lone Wolf and the Bear: three centuries of Chechen defiance of Russian rule
Review of J. Nichols and A. Vagapov's Chechen-English Dictionary and of J. Nichols' Ingush-English Dictionary
Review of VICTOR A. SHNIRELMAN: The Value of the Past: Myths, Identity and Politics in Transcaucasia
Review of EMMANUEL KARAGIANNIS Energy and Security in the Caucasus
Review of HELMA VAN DEN BERG: Dargi folktales
Review of O. Kadschaia & H. Fähnrich Mingrelisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch
Review of Amjad Jaimoukha (ed.) The Circassians
Review of Corpus Christianorum. Series Graeca 36. Corpus Nazianzenum 5. Sancti Gregorii Nazianzeni Opera. Versio Iberica I. Oratio XXXVIII
Review of Mzia Ebanoidze & John Wilkinson (eds.) TIMOTHY GABASHVILI: Pilgrimage to Mount Athos, Constantinople and Jerusalem 1755-1759
Review of Tamila Mgaloblishvili (ed.) Ancient Christianity in the Caucasus
Review of Svante Cornell Small Nations & Great Powers
Review of Donald Rayfield Georgian Literature: a history
Review of David Crystal Language Death
Review of A.E. Redgate 'The Armenians'
Review of Ori Z. Soltes (ed.) 'National Treasures of Georgia'
Review of JONATHAN COHEN (ed.) 'A question of sovereignty: the Georgia-Abkhazia peace process'
Review of John B. Dunlop Russia confronts Chechnya. Roots of a separatist conflict
Review of Georgij A. Klimov Etymological Dictionary of the Kartvelian Languages
Review of Corpus Christianorum. Series Graeca 36. Corpus Nazianzenum 5. Sancti regorii Nazianzeni Opera
Review of Anita L.P. Burdett (ed.) Caucasian Boundaries 1802-1946
Review of Edgar O'Ballance Wars in the Caucasus 1990-95
Review of Charles van der Leeuw Storm over the Caucasus
Review of Anatol Lieven Chechnya: Tombstone of Russian Power
Review of Ben Fowkes (ed.) Russia and Chechnia: Essays on Russo-Chechen Relations
Review of Peter Nasmyth Georgia. In the Mountains of Poetry
Review of Kevin Tuite Svan
Review of Antony Eastmond Royal Imagery in Medieval Georgia
Review of Alexandr E. Kibrik (ed.) Godoberi
Review of Sebastian Smith Allah's Mountains
Review of Nicholas Awde (ed.) Armenian Perspectives
Review of V.N. NERSESSIAN (compiler): A Bibliography of Articles on ARMENIAN STUDIES
Review of CARLOTTA GALL & THOMAS DE WAAL Chechnya: A Small Victorious War
Review of ROBERT CHENCINER: Daghestan: tradition and survival
Reviews of Aves, Jonathan. Georgia: from chaos to stability?, Coppieters, Bruno (ed.). Contested borders in the Caucasus
Reviews of Visions of Ararat. Writings on Armenia - zmna dzvel kartulshi - Rewriting Caucasian History. The Medieval Armenian Adaptation of the Georgian Chronicles. The Original Georgian Texts and the Armenian Adaptation
Review of Helma van den Berg A Grammar of Hunzib
Review of D. Rayfield The Literature of Georgia: A History
Review of The North Caucasus: Minorities at a Crossroads. Report 94/5 by Minority Rights Group International
Review of Indo-germanica et Caucasica (Festschrift to K.H. Schmidt)
Review of G. Klimov Einführung in die kaukasischen Sprachen
Review of H. Fähnrich Grammatik der altgeorgischen Sprache
Review of Suzanne Goldenberg The Pride of Small Nations
Review of Moshe Gammer Muslim Resistance to the Tsar (Shamil and the Conquest of Chechnia and Daghestan)
Review of Svetlana Chervonnaya: Conflict in the Caucasus. Georgia, Abkhazia and the Russian Shadow
Review of Martin Haspelmath A Grammar of Lezgian
Joint-review of Mary Russell Please don\' call it Soviet Georgia, and Peter Nasmyth Georgia: a rebel in the Caucasus
Review of Marie Bennigsen Broxup (ed.) The North Caucasus Barrier
Review of Dictionnaire Abzakh (tcherkesse occidental) II -- Phrases et Textes Illustratifs: II
Review of Jonathan Aves "Paths to National Independence in Georgia, 1987-1990"
'Review of "The Georgian Chronicle"
Review of Studia Caucasologica I and II
Review of "Folia Slavica 7."
Review - article of Syntax and Semantics 18: A. C. Harris "Diachronic Syntax: The Kartvelian Case"
Review of E. A. Nida, J. P. Louw, A. H. Snyman, and J. v W. Cronje: "Style and Discourse"
Valiko M. PACHULIA ‘Gruzino-abxazskaja vojna 1992-1993 gg. [The Georgian-Abkhazian War of 1992-1993]
Tejmuraz A. ACHUGBA ‘Ètnicheskaja istorija abxazov XIX-XX vv. [The Ethnic History of the Abkhazians in the XIX-XX centuries]
Review of "P'irveli Kartuli Nabech'di Gamocemebi"
Review of "Svanetis Cis Kvesh"
Review of H Fähnrich (ed.) "Sprachen Kaukasiens"
Review of R Smeets "Studies in West Circassian Phonology and Morphology"
'Friends of Georgia', review of Guram Sharadze's "Bednierebisa da Satnoebis Saundzhe
'Review of P. Kiparsky "Explanation in Phonology"
Review of V Georgiev "Introduction to the History of the I.E. Languages
Review of A Meillett "Altarmenisches Elementarbuch"
Review of A Warner "Complementation in Middle English"
'Review of H I Aronson "Georgian: a reading grammar"
'Review of D A Holisky "Aspect and Georgian medial verbs"
'Review of T V Gamkrelidze & G I Machavariani "Sonantensystem und Ablaut in den Kartwelsprachen"
Review of A C Harris "Georgian Syntax: a study in relational grammar
Review of R Zwolanek "Altgeorgische Kurzgrammatik"
Review of Heinz Fähnrich: Grammatik der altgeorgischen Sprache
Review of Heinz Fähnrich Kartwelisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch
Review of Otar Kadshaia and Heinz Fähnrich: Mingrelish-Deutsches Wörterbuch

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