Prof. George Hewitt

Caucasian Hunting in Turkey

St John’s College, University of Cambridge

The Eagle | St John's College's Magazine | VOL. LXVII No. 283 EASTER 1975, page: 18

Prof. Eugénie Henderson begins her 1970 article on certain acoustic features of Kabardian with these words, "Just as there are said to be "painters' painters" and "poets' poets", so too there may be said to be "linguists' languages", and amongst these must without any question be included the languages of the Caucasus". This irrefutable statement will largely have to be taken on trust, since it would obviously be out of place in a non-technical article such as this to attempt to prove it true. However, a brief sketch of the basic facts may be appreciated by those totally unacquainted with the area and its languages. 

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